100b Victoria Road, Devonport
Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Open, January 2015

Chess Centre
As far as Chess Centres go, it must be one of the quaintest around - a 1916 Church, and adjacent Church Hall.
Allan Stig Rasmussen
Here is Danish GM Allan Stig Rasmussen at a pre-tournament barbeque for the overseas guests. On the right is Murray Chandler.
Alexandra Jule and Darcy Mendoza
Devonport boasts wonderful water views over the harbour to the Auckland CBD. Here Alexandra Jule and Darcy Mendoza play a friendly on New Year's Eve. They are with the Gardiner Chess group coming from Queensland, Australia.
Layla Timergazi
Perhaps next year this inspiring setting should be board 1 for the tournament. Our old friend IM Herman van Riemsdijk (Brazil) is playing Layla Timergazi, one of New Zealand's brightest junior prospects. The red blossoms to the left are on a Pohutukawa - the "New Zealand Christmas Tree."
Wow, our own banner across the main street. Thanks to the Devonport Business Association.
Church Hall
Play kicks off, in the biggest of three playing areas in the Church Hall.
David Howell
Top seed - by a margin of 144 rating points - is English Grandmaster David Howell, rated 2670.
Nathan Goodhue
What's this super-cool strategy? Local Auckland Chess Centre player Nathan Goodhue, black against a German Grandmaster, has not appeared 15 minutes after start time…
Nathan Goodhue
Stuck in traffic! We are tolerant in New Zealand - 1 hour default time, like the good old days.
GM Klaus Bischoff
GM Klaus Bischoff versus Nathan Goodhue
Fedja Zulfic
Round 3 and the pairings get tougher. Fedja Zulfic (Australia) faces Grandmaster and third seed Zhao Xue from China.
Post-mortems are naturally held in the Church building across the courtyard.
More analysis.
Matthew Drummond
Matthew Drummond (Australia) and Helen Milligan (ex-Scotland, now NZ) go over their draw.
Silver Rook
The New Zealand Championship has a history dating back to 1879. The famous Silver Rook (as pictured) is still around.
 IM Irene Sukandar
Popular IM Irene Sukandar has a fan club even in faraway Auckland. This Indonesian enthusiast has popped in for look.
Nigel Short Simul
And some free tips after his game for Boy Reinhard Gunawan, another Indonesian player living locally.
summer sunshine
Arbiters and NZCF officials enjoy the summer sunshine during round one. The New Zealand seasons are the opposite of Europe, so January is a perfect time of year to visit.

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